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Scoliosis is described as a lateral curvature of the vertebral column (spine).  Scoliosis is often thought of as a hereditary problem or adaptation to some type of trauma, such as the birthing process. Scoliosis normally starts with lower back problems at a young age. Because spinal bones continuing to grow into one's early 20's, if left uncorrected it usually worsens.

The most common treatment in the past has been to wait and see how it develops. If it progresses too far, it can lead to unsightly braces or even invasive surgery. In severe cases it can lead to compression of the thoracic cavity (chest), putting pressure on the heart and lungs. Surgery, even though invasive, could be recommended in such cases.

Our approach to scoliosis is to adjust the spine, realigning the bones in your back (vertebras). Secondly, we use traction to lengthen the short side of the scoliosis. And lastly, we us muscle stimulation to tighten the long side of the scoliosis.

By using these techniques on our scoliotic patients, it has been our clinical experience that we have been able to either stop the progression, or decrease the degree of the scoliosis. In all our scoliotic patients, there has been a reduction in pain and symptoms.

Scoliosis is not something that should be left unchecked. The earlier on we find it, the greater your chances are for correction as opposed to a decrease in symptoms.

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