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Your Immune System

In clinical trials monitored by the Rand Corporation, and conducted at Life University, chiropractic showed great potential to boost immune function.  The study used aids patients, putting them into 3 categories. In category one, the patients received chiropractic advice on lifestyle (eating right, exercise, stress reduction etc.), but never received a chiropractic adjustment. In category two, the patients received the same chiropractic advice as well as a mock adjustment. The doctors used a mechanical chiropractic adjusting device to fool the patient into thinking that he or she received an adjustment. This was done because it is easier to fool the patient and because they did not want to use their hands. In-part, this is due to the work of Dr. Fields out of the University of Miami, who found that just by touching a patient, the immune system can be boosted. The doctors wanted to test the validity of the adjustment and nothing else. Category three received chiropractic advice as well as an adjustment using the same mechanical device. After a period of time, all 3 categories were regiven blood tests, to test there immune properties. In category one and two, where no adjustment was received, immune system went down on average of 7.63%. in category three, where chiropractic adjustment was a part of the treatment, immune system went up as much as 48%.

In addition, several other preliminary studies showed immune system boosting. In 1991, Patricia Brennan, PhD, conducted a study that demonstrated an increased immune function following a thoracic (mid-back) adjustment. Dr. Pero stated in his research that, "Chiropractic patients in the study had 200 percent greater immune competence than people who had not received chiropractic and 400 percent greater immune competence than people with cancer or other serious disease."

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